” We would like to introduce Fultech’ s quality products.”

               If you are looking for high quality abrasive powder material, our brand  must be included to your lists.  Fultech is widely known in the abrasive material industry. We are one of this industry leaders in the Asian market, who is manufacturer and supplier of abrasive products both material and technology for various types that will enhance your efficiency of the production even better.

Our abrasive materials are the main products that have earned the trusted from many customers worldwide especially for finer abrasive powder which is used for precision surfaces polishing such as

  •  Electronics industry
  •  Lens technology
    or the surface finishing that require perfection such as
  •  jewelry and glass in the luxury accessory industry.

Our products also available for a wide range of metal work industry such as coarse sand

  • for shot blasting machines
  • for reinforcing cutting process
  • for rough abrasion to create surface profile before painting or coating
  • for opening the surface, etc.

We have a selection from types of abrasive materials, and different sizes depending on your usage.

               Besides of abrasive material, there are also other type of abrasive products  are involved. Such as diamond grinding wheels and carbide grinding wheels. the variety design with over 40  styles of roughness, shapes, sizes or with your own special designs. the tools that will help you in production process with durable and time-saving. We can provide you with custom designs according to the usage.

               And for our new division, Lapping Machine and Lapping plate
Machines for polishing work pieces horizontally or the workpiece surface area to be polished is wide. You can design your own functions and features for your convenient simplification. We also have variety of lapping plate which you can design type of abrasive, size and roughness.

Abrasive Material

Abrasive materials that meet your work, whether in the metal industry or precising projects, such as the electronics industry or etc,..<br />

Grinding tool

Grinding wheels and polishing tools both the electroplate and the resin types with Over 40 styles of durability that you can custom design to suit your work.

Lapping machine and plate

Lapping machines and plates for horizontal workpieces abrasion, also known as lapping process to reduce thickness and roughness of the workpiece surface.