Company View:


Current facts:

We are one of the leading manufacture of micro-abrasive materials producer in China, not to speak we hold 80% of the overall market for GC users (foreign-owned, such as US, JAPAN, TAIWAN), and most of famous crystal/semi-con makers in China.

Product includes:

Green Silicon Carbide (the GC series) ranges from JIS#240 ~JIS#6000.

Aluminum Oxide (the WA/WO series) ranges from JIS#2000 ~ JIS#8000.

And other high-grade lapping materials. Please visit our Product section for more information


Corporate Information:

Business Name: Fultech Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Established Date: 2003, Oct.
Address: W. Chang Jiang Road
Zhanan Industrial Park, Liuhe Town,
Taicang City, Jiang Su,
Postal: 215431
Main Business: Super-Fine Abrasive Manufacturer.


Since 1968, with over 35 years of accumulated experience in production and research in abrasive material, FULTECH is able to produce high-quality, uniform man-made micro abrasive materials. We supply coated & bonded abrasive material for: Silicon wafer/ quartz/ crystal cutting and polishing, refectory, metal work polishing, premium optical lens polishing, lapping of precious stones and glasses.

In 2003, Fultech's main-building is established, and on the next spring the GC-Production has begun.

On April of 2004 we started "White Fused Alumina Oxide" research program, and in summer WA/WO-production has begun.

On June of 2005 we started "Micro-Polishing Material" research program. This program is aim to produce superiour super-fine polishing materials for Optical, semi-con or other finishing usages.

The next year 2006, the 2nd phase of contruction is going to start, and overall productivity is going to be boosted to about 160 tons of green silicon carbide, 50 tons of Alumina, and 50 tons of other polishing materials.

Our Advantages:

1. Quality control: From the initial crushing to packeging stages are closely monitored by our Quality Assurance teams. With every shipment, it comes with a Coulter Analysis done by the Coulter MultisizerIII, and at the bottom of each package a Lot Number of the product.

The Coulter Analysis displays general size distribution and Lot Number allows you to track even more detail information of the product by contacting to our QA department.

2. Raw Material is carefully selected: All of our raw material suppliers are carefully selected, and they have been audited/visited by us. We look at the shape, hardness, and color of the silicon carbide crystals provided by our supplier to deterimine the quality of the raw materials.

3. Experience: With over 35 years of Silicon Carbide micro-powder making experience, we are able to supply more stable, more uniform abrasive products.

4. High Quality with Competitive Price: Our current customers includes major appliance makers, electronic parts makers. We believe our customers are our best advertisement to you.


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